Assorted and custom sizes

Showing Rear Dump Lugs

           and forklift support rails


           STANDARD SIZE

           Size shown:  5’ x 2’ x 8’

           Overall length  10’

           Capacity Load:  4000 lbs


Each unit has title plate and numbered


The latest in design.  A time-saving piece of equipment needed on construction sites to assist in material handling.  Each unit is individually serial numbered, capacity tested at 125% and certified per  ASME BTH-1  design standards and ASME 30.20 “Below the Hook” Standards.


Each unit built with four balanced corner crane lift lugs for lifting and lowering, fitted for 5/8 shackles, two rear dump lugs for crane hook-up for emptying purposes, two forklift rails for safely transporting the pan.  The slope end is designed with a 45 deg. slope for the ease of dumping the load.                                                    


Custom sizes available upon request.




PE approved in design standards--LETTER provided with EACH unit purchased.









Bridge demolition

Custom sizes loaded and headed to Alaska

Able to be cost efficient in shipping within an enclosed trailer.



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